Take a trip to the Mexico City E-Prix from the fans' POV

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Take a trip to the Mexico City E-Prix from the fans' POV

Fans POV! Take A Trip To The Mexico City E-Prix

The fans were back in their tens of thousands for the Mexico City E-Prix soaking up all the action both on-track at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez and throughout the Allianz E-Village!

Follow an epic day in the life of our fans in this brand new film, created by our Talent Call for Filmmakers winners Abby Bertram and Martha Douhne.

Abby and Martha talked us through the process of putting their film together when they got back home after a busy week in Mexico City.

Tell us about the idea behind the film?

We set out to capture the environment, point of view, and experience of Formula E fans as they returned back to the Mexico City E-Prix. The fans had an intensity and emotion that we knew we had to encapsulate. We tried to bring that same liveliness into our camerawork and editing.

We wanted to show those who couldn’t be there, the five senses - touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste - that are very much alive in Mexico City. But content creators and filmmakers know that plans can change at any point. Once we brought in our footage and started the edit, we found a route to add a bit more movement and make it just as lively, mimicking the scenes that we saw in-person: headturning moments, clapping, and lots of dancing!


How did you enjoy Mexico?

We heard about the energy the Mexican fans bring but nothing could have fully prepared us for what we saw and captured! Everything was so vibrant! The locals we chatted with at the track were the kindest people with so many stories to share about their beloved home! Everyone welcomed the cameras and couldn’t stop waving and cheering when they would see us come around!

Favourite part of the film?

The very start; it builds tension, keeping you curious to see what’s going to come next. We also love the video masked onto the wall in the opening scene. That wasn’t there while filming, but that’s all the magic of editing! That original opening clip was originally a six minute one-take shot following a fan as he experienced the Allianz E-Village for the first time. Yes, our arms hurt after shooting that scene.

How has the overall Talent Call experience been?

It has been so rewarding! We have learned so much as creatives and as teammates. It has even been encouraging for us to see others of our generation working as a part of Formula E.

We’ve appreciated all the amazing individuals in Formula E who have supported us through this journey. From working our first race in London and now to Mexico City, we’ve gotten to enjoy every sector of what makes Formula E happen.

We are so glad that Formula E has opened up this opportunity for filmmakers to be able to share this amazing sport with the world.