Mahindra Racing explains Cape Town withdrawal, and Sao Paulo fix

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Mahindra Racing explains Cape Town withdrawal, and Sao Paulo fix

Mahindra Racing Team Principal Fred Bertrand has clarified the suspension issue that forced the team into withdrawing its and ABT CUPRA's cars from the Cape Town E-Prix as a precautionary measure.

Mahindra Sao Paulo

The team encountered an issue with a wishbone on its rear suspension which had affected both Mahindras and one of the ABT CUPRAs by the end of Free Practice 2 in Cape Town.

In conversation with, Bertrand said: "It was a mixture of three things: the specification was probably a little bit under what was needed, there were probably some manufacturing imperfections and on top of that, it was a demanding, bumpy and fast track - with no real chance for mistakes. That's what guided our choice.

"The level of risk was troo high and that's why we made the extreme decision, but the correct decision. I think it was reasonable given ... the level of risk our drivers would have been exposed to. You cannot play with this."

The fix has been a simple one, with the turnaround time between Cape Town and Sao Paulo ample.

"We needed two-and-a-half weeks for the full process - reproducing the fault to the moment you identify a good solution. You then check the solution will be consistent and sustainable, and go to production of parts.

"I'm definitely confident [the problem is fixed] and definitely happy."