New Porsche Taycan sets Nurburgring record

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New Porsche Taycan sets Nurburgring record

The new Porsche Taycan has taken to the fabled Nuerburgring to set a record best time for an electric Porsche - smashing the super-saloon's previous best time by 26 seconds.

Porsche Taycan Nurburgring record 2

The rumoured range-topping model - likely the Turbo GT according to Autocar - was quicker than a prior record-holder at the 'Ring, the Taycan Turbo S Sport, and becomes one of the fastest Porsches around the Nordschleife full stop, with a time of 7m07s.

Porsche hired the track for the day and chief test driver Lars Kern set about lapping as quickly as possible, saying he "pushed as hard as he could".

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The margin it beat the prior model's best by is no mean feat. Kevin Giek, head of the Taycan model line at Porsche said, quite rightly, that "26 seconds is half an eternity in motorsport. 

Porsche Taycan Nurburgring record

Lars Kern behind the wheel of the record-setting Taycan

"Lars' lap time of 7m07.55s around the Nordschleife is sensational, putting the Taycan in the same league as electric hypercars.

"The impressive thing about it was that over several laps, Lars clocked almost exactly the same time," showing it was not a one-off effort, and illustrating the car's consistency.

The car sported a fixed rear wing, new bumpers, a rear air intake and new headlights. The Turbo GT is set to top the Taycan line-up of cars in the Porsche stable when it arrives as a mid-life refresh of the range.