How fast and efficient is Formula E's newest GEN3 Evo car?

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How fast and efficient is Formula E's newest GEN3 Evo car?

All the stats and facts you need about the latest generation of Formula E car, available from Season 11.


The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is currently in its 10th season, and has seen a huge amount of development and change over the first 10 years. However, as a championship always pushing the boundaries, it recently revealed the new GEN3 Evo which will be introduced from Season 11.

This single seater race car was created in partnership with the FIA, Formula E's governing body, to create a race car that is sustainable, nimble, fast and remains all-electric. It's changing the game when it comes to motorsport. 

The key technical enhancements for the new GEN3 Evo race car include:

  • The quickest accelerating FIA single-seater race car – Capable of 0-60mph in 1.82 seconds (0-100kph in 1.86s), 30% faster than a current F1 car.

  • Faster, stronger, more agile – Performance upgrades providing an estimated 2% performance gain from GEN3, equating to a c.2 secs faster qualifying lap on the Monaco circuit, offering world-class racing on any track.
  • Leaner and meaner – An aggressive new body kit designed to be stronger, more robust and more aerodynamic, delivering closer wheel-to-wheel racing.

  • All-wheel drive (AWD) –A first for a Formula E car, available during qualifying duels, race starts, and ATTACK MODE. This feature maximizes acceleration and control, elevating the thrill of critical race moments and intensifying driver rivalries. AWD enhances both performance and strategy, providing more exciting racing for drivers and fans alike.

  • Better grip – Optimised all-weather Hankook iON tires providing 5-10% more grip, made from 35% recycled and sustainable materials (+9% vs GEN3 spec).

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These new additions are specifically designed for faster and closer racing between drivers, giving fans even more on track action and building on the world-leading specification of the GEN3 car, including:

  • The fastest Formula E car: Top speed of 200mph

  • Regenerative braking: Cars optimise the 600kw regenerative braking capacity to generate nearly 50% of the energy needed for a race, during the race itself.

  • Enhanced performance by software: Race performance upgrades made through software engineering.

  • Most efficient formula car ever: An electric motor with over 95% efficiency, significantly surpassing the 40% efficiency typical of internal combustion engines.
  • Sustainable battery development: Suppliers of battery cell minerals selected on ethical and sustainable mining standards to ensure a positive or neutral impact on people and the planet.

  • Lifecycle thinking: Life cycle thinking throughout the car’s construction; second life and recycling for battery cells; recycled carbon fibre and natural materials such as linen integrated into the chassis.

  • Conscientious supply chain: All suppliers held to strict sustainability KPIs, achieving FIA 3* Environmental Accreditation certification by Season 9.

  • Race-to-road transfer: Specific road-relevant areas of the car are opened for development by teams and manufacturers, designed for direct tech transfer to automotive industry.

  • Ultra-fast charging capability: A new technological development still in development, designed to allow a 30sec 600kw high-speed charge for additional energy mid-race.

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We can't wait to see it when it debuts on track later this year!