Inside Change.Accelerated.Live in Monaco

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Inside Change.Accelerated.Live in Monaco

Formula E, in collaboration with leading Swiss wealth management group Julius Baer, delivered its ground-breaking Change.Accelerated.Live Sustainable Innovation Conference during the 2024 Monaco E-Prix.


Leading figures from the series, Julius Baer and the Principality discussed pioneering initiatives that support sustainable urban environments.

With a focus on "Sustainable Cities of Tomorrow," the conference that was supported by Julius Baer explored how cutting-edge technology and strategic vision were vital in the race to building and developing cities of the future that are both environmentally and socially conscious.

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Hosted by Nancy Heslin, Editor in Chief of The Monegasque, distinguished speakers including Jeff Dodds, CEO of Formula E, Carsten Menke, Head of Research, Julius Baer and Monica Froehler, CEO Ban Ki-moon Center for Global Citizens combined for exclusive and thought leading sessions.

Creating lasting impact in cities

Discussing major trends and innovations across smart cities, Monica Froehler, CEO Ban Ki-moon Center for Global Citizens, said: “Public and private partnerships offer real solutions in how multiple stakeholders can participate in the transformation of cities and sustainability progress.

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"From leveraging 5G networks and mobile voting to sensor solutions, these partnerships give inhabitants and governing bodies multiple touch points to improve the understanding and data collection in what needs to change and improve. Within these areas, many see technology as an ambition and end point, while in fact it is very much the method and solution in order to achieve that initial transformation to achieve our goals.”

Driving electrification in Monaco

Speaking about the modern developments that Monaco was taking across transport and urban development, S.E.M. Bernard FAUTRIER, Special Advisor to H.S.H. Prince II of Monaco on Environmental Matters, Minister Plenipotentiary, said:

“Monaco has a long history of innovation in mobility and urban development. While many know it for its heritage in motor racing, modern road pavements at the beginning of the 20th century were piloted in Monaco. Since then, it has internalised the mission to bring new smart transport systems and city services to its people and visitors and you only have to look around to see EV charging points, our complex road system and tax incentives on low emission vehicles to see how this is brought to life.”

Tech transfer from the race track

Discussing how Formula E also inspires others at the cutting edge of technology to continue to push their limits, Alberto Longo, Co-Founder and Chief Championship Officer, said: “Formula E acts as a test bed for some of the world’s leading manufacturers to raise awareness about the power of e-mobility and sustainable transport. Not only on the track, but through showcasing their technologies and road cars to fans too.

"Car manufacturers invest a lot into their own research and development, but the most unique of that is what they can learn from the tracks and their involvement in the championship. Whether it’s Nissan, Jaguar or Porsche, they take technical learnings from some of the most high performance and technical electric cars on the planet that race on our tracks, and transfer them directly into their own road cars in development.”