The Making of Progress is Unstoppable

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The Making of Progress is Unstoppable

No GEN3 cars were harmed in the making of this film.


Since releasing our Season 9 campaign earlier this month, we’ve been inundated with the same question, 'did you do it for real?’. The answer is we did, but probably not in the way you think.

WATCH: Progress is Unstoppable

Whilst there were some  special effects used, the majority was of a real car filmed ‘in camera’ (in real life) using an incredible production team of skydivers, stunt people, camera operators and state of the art technology.

FE Drop BTS 3

The ambitious opening shot was created by building a high-powered bungee rig to propel the car at maximum speed. It mimicked the instant acceleration of the GEN3, launching the model out the cargo door. 

To create the car’s free fall, aerodynamics and simulations were studied to develop accurate behaviour of a car freefalling from 21,000 feet. Specially designed rigs suspended from 200ft cranes, violently twisted and turned the full-size five metre model car around in mid-air with a stuntman inside for the duration. 

WATCH: Don't miss a minute of Season 9

The parachute release and turbulent images of the sky and descent through the atmosphere were all created and captured by a brilliant team of air sport technicians.

Finally the different acts were stitched together and added to a background mapped out by a revolutionary 360 camera. Together, the shots create a powerful film fitting of our most thrilling and dramatic season to date.


With this campaign we wanted to portray the unshackling of Formula E with the GEN3 car. Celebrating how this car has  broken the 200mph barrier, and how race after race we’re delivering incredible on-track battles with some of the bravest drivers on the planet. We captured their fearless attitude and paid a tribute to the drama and unpredictability of Formula E by taking the GEN3 to a new space that is truly without limits.

"The film is a metaphor for Formula E itself, the barriers it is breaking down each season, with faster and faster cars, and increased competition each year, it is fearlessly forging its own path into the future of motorsport" said Sam Walker, Director.