Formula E visits Newham's Richard House Children's Hospice

Formula E visits Newham's Richard House Children's Hospice

Formula E headed to Richard House Children’s Hospice in Newham on Monday ahead of the London E-Prix to learn about the hospice’s vital work and show families and children what the electric racing series - set for two rounds at ExCeL London this weekend (30 & 31 July) - is all about.

Children got the chance to get up close and personal with the Gen2 Formula E racing car and get behind the wheel themselves in the simulators. Meanwhile Formula E staff, Newham Borough councillors and management from the ExCeL were given a tour of the hospice to get a sense of the crucial support it gives to families in need.

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Formula E also donated £2,000 to Richard House, with the money being used to support key services offered by the hospice like its Body and Soul Education programmes, which allows its non-verbal children to explore, play and communicate and express themselves through therapies like art, yoga and dance.

The hospice intends to reach more children through donations, to expand its BASE services throughout 2022 and into the future, making them available as part of its Hospice at Home provision, which sees its care teams deliver respite and therapy in the home environment.


Accelerating sustainable human progress

Formula E aims to build and educate more diverse, inclusive, resilient and diverse communities within our host cities to accelerate sustainable human progress.

For the London E-Prix, we’re looking to inspire, education and empower the local community around ExCeL London where we race by supporting local charity partners such as Richard House Hospice with a range of initiatives.

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This includes a financial donation to the hospice’s playground restoration and to help back its BAME programmes, including leftover plants from the London E-Prix being donated following the event, tickets to the London E-Prix and goody bags.

Driving change in Newham

Formula E exists in the heart of cities such as London to bring electric vehicles closer to fans and showcase how they can be a solution to improving inner city air pollution whilst shifting perceptions and speeding up the switch to electric vehicles.


Working with Newham Council and ExCeL London, we will help raise awareness of and target air pollution in the borough by showcasing the benefits of driving electric and how clean mobility can counteract climate change.

This marries up with Newham’s own target to become carbon neutral by 2030, 20 years earlier than London’s target by 2050, despite being one of the most polluted in the capital.

Protecting and improving health and the environment, alongside improving air quality in the borough has become a primary focus for Newham Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz with the Citizens' Assembly identifying the 'greening' as a top priority.

One in seven of Newham’s population are exposed to levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) that is above the UK limit value for human health. On average, Newham residents are also exposed to a level of airborne particulate matter (PM2.5) that is 35% greater than the World Health Organisation guidelines and it's estimated that poor air quality in the borough contributes to the deaths of almost 100 residents every year.