Formula E Better Futures pledges support for Shanghai charity

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Formula E Better Futures pledges support for Shanghai charity

Ahead of its return to China for the first time since Season 5, Formula E announces the latest charitable cause to be supported by the Formula E Better Futures Fund in the upcoming race location of Shanghai.

Shanghai Better Futures

Established to extend Formula E’s positive legacy of sustainability and social responsibility, the Better Futures Fund remains at the forefront of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship’s efforts to set new standards across the sporting and sustainability sectors.

As the world’s first net zero carbon sport since inception and inline with the 2020 definition, in Formula E continues to pioneer environmental stewardship while driving impactful change in host communities.

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With a focus on initiatives aligned with Formula E’s purpose and sustainability strategy, the Better Futures Fund aims to deliver a tangible impact all year round, far beyond each scheduled race week. Integral to Formula E’s Formula Equity social impact strategy, the Fund prioritises initiatives that tackle social inequalities and empower resilient, diverse communities.

For Season 10, the Fund continues to focus on:

- Supporting underprivileged communities in race locations, designed to tackle social inequality
- Environmental protection, prioritising nature and air quality in urban environments
- Community engagement and their transition to living more sustainable lifestyles
- A fund of €100,000 will be split across the four race locations of Berlin, Shanghai, Portland and London for Season 10, with local charities receiving €25,000 for their respective causes. In Season 11, the fund will support charities in all race locations around the world.

Alongside the funding itself, Formula E is committing to working alongside each charity, providing awareness of its causes, engaging directly with the organisation and offering volunteer support. Organisations will feature as part of Formula E’s wider sustainability strategy, including hosting representatives at track and introducing them to the wider Formula E ecosystem as part of the series’ Inspiration Hour held every race week, to engage with local communities and educate them on environmental and social sustainability best practice.

Jeff Dodds, CEO of Formula E, said: “Formula E leads the world in sustainability initiatives, yet as a competitive sport we always want to do more. The Formula E Better Futures Fund will give us total control in the supporting charities and communities in the markets we bring our sport aiming to leave a deeper, lasting and more targeted impact. This will enable us to have greater ownership and flexibility on helping those most in need and towards a more sustainable and equitable future.”

Julia Pallé, VP Sustainability at Formula E, said: “With a mission to accelerate sustainable human progress through electric racing, our new Better Futures Fund elevates our on-going purpose to the next level. Directly aligned to our wider sustainability strategy and Formula Equity that focuses on social impact, we’re taking a more direct approach to target specific causes and communities more closely aligned to our overall vision. This will enable us to have greater ownership and flexibility on helping those most in need and towards a more sustainable and equitable future.”

Charity support in Shanghai

Formula E will be supporting the Shanghai Mutual Aid Foundation with their "Jia with Love" project, which focuses on providing essential support and guidance to children facing difficulties in the Jiading District of Shanghai where the Shanghai E-Prix is taking place this year

The project targets minors and families in need due to various challenges, such as major family changes, guardianship loss or inadequate guardianship responsibilities. With Formula E's funding, the project aims to enhance the well-being and development of these children by offering specialised services tailored to their needs.

Funding will support:

- Psychological counselling services – one-on-one counselling and interventions for children in difficult situations, helping them to grow and enhance self-confidence
- Family education guidance – provide guidance for parents and their children to promote the development of positive parent-child relationships
- Parent-child team-building activities – group outings for families to broaden their horizons, strengthen family cohesion and enhance relationships
- Life education theme activities for children – fun educational sessions helping children to understand different topics that will support their daily lives
- Activities and trips for children – opportunities for children to interact with each other, support each other and promote social integration
- Policy promotion services for children
- Development of individualised plans for support
- Charities being supported by the Fund in subsequent markets will be announced during race weeks