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Media accreditation page

Media Accreditation for the 2023/2024 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship

To apply for media accreditation for the 2023/2024 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, please follow the instructions attached via the FIA AMS:

How to apply for media accreditation guide

This process is for independent journalists, photographers (taking still images) and film crews (who are filming non-broadcast rights holder content).
Please note the deadlines for applications:

Media Accreditation deadlines

Race Deadline
Mexico City (Monday 13th January) Monday 1st January 2024
Diriyah (Friday 26th January + Saturday 27th January) Monday 15th January 2024
São Paulo (Saturday 16th March) Monday 4th March 2024
Tokyo (Saturday 30th March) Monday 18th March 2024
Misano (Saturday 13th April + Sunday 14th April) Monday 1st April 2024
Monaco (Saturday 27th April) Monday 15th April 2024
Berlin (Saturday 11th May + Sunday 12th May) Monday 29th April 2024 
Shanghai (Saturday 25th May + Sunday 26th May) Monday 13th May 2024
Portland (Saturday 29th June + Sunday 30th June) Monday 17th June 2024
London (Saturday 20th July + Sunday 21st July) Monday 8th July 2024


If you have any issues or queries about the process, please email where we will be able to assist.
We look forward to welcoming you soon!